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The ideas that have been driving me most recently are enduring and yet evolving. I am still pre-occupied with the effects of water meeting land and sky, but work I did during the time I spent at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts two years ago is still percolating up in my current paintings. I did a lot of experimenting there - I kept telling myself that I didn't have to come out of it with a "product" so much as a "process".  I played with different materials (charcoal, oil pastels, oil sticks, cold wax medium) and different surfaces (gessoed paper and plywood panels, linen mat board and masonite).  It was like being six years old again, in an art class where the teacher was my own subconscious.  I was also surrounded by talented and creative artists, poets, writers, composers, and musicians. which was incredibly stimulating, and I made some wonderful new friends.   I am still mining those resources and finding fresh inspiration.


Suspension, the title of the show, signifies the state of being in-between and unmoored or floating.  In this show the work reflects that concept as the space between land, sky and water,  There is a lot of variety, but throughout you will see a refreshed sense of color and energy and an underlying theme of suspension.  The palette reflects more "growth" and in some of the latest ones, the effects of air and wind.  Textures also vary, going from translucent layering to energetic impasto.  Edges are often blurred, suggesting movement and the effects of light and air.


An artist's greatest challenge is to avoid the pitfalls of the "formula" without losing an unifying "signature".  Some of the risks taken may be more successful than others, but they are all part of a process of evolution where there is no "end," only continued growth.


The following 6x6" studies were done in El Salvador while I was nanny-ing my new grandson.  For the three months I was there I had a tiny desk, a bag of art supplies and no other resources except my thoughts. I set a goal for myself to create 100 small studies in gouache and oil pastel to distill all I knew and felt about my environment in the simplest possible way.  The following are the results. After 36 the well ran dry for a while...