My work is an exploration into the relationship between the natural world and the human psyche.

"There is a tension between the marsh's chaos and the serene flatness of the water that I find compelling"

Ms. Ramsey’s paintings are a reflection of nature, but also of the relationship of that world to the psyche. Marshes are a primary source of inspiration, and the tangle and chaos of the grasses and reeds is a vehicle to explore the vitality of the life cycle.  There is a tension between the complex linear qualities of the marsh and the serene flatness of the reflective surface of the water that is very expressive, and encourages a personal response.  The eloquent gestures of looping, twisted reeds, the intersections in a stand of marsh grass, the staccato shapes of dark and light stalks, or the muted forms of submerged leaves communicate a resonance through a lyrical language of signs.  The grace of these simple phenomena is fleeting yet leaves its mark, and ignites a sense of recognition.  The sky enters largely into this work as well, acting in role of light-giver. In its mirror image, we see the world upside-down, and the potential for disorientation can bring about new revelations of strength and fragility.

The artist’s work has been exhibited in galleries and private collections both here at home and internationally.  She is a participant in the Art in the Embassies Program of the U.S. State Department, sending her work to Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and  Africa. Her work is currently exhibited at the Carla Massoni Gallery, in Chestertown, MD and the I. Pinckney Gallery in Beaufort, SC. She is a member of the Academy of the Arts in Easton, MD, and the Maryland Federation of Art in Annapolis where she also shows regularly. She has also been featured on Maryland Public Telivision’s Artworks This Week  program, and the clip can be viewed here along with a more complete representation of her work.



Ms. Ramsey’s studio is nestled into the bank of the upper Chester River where she observes its many moods. She and her husband John have raised two daughters and countless generations of chickens and dogs in this rural landscape.  In the past few years she has become progressively more active in the Chester River Organization, whose mission is to restore the river to its previous health. She hopes to pursue her own mission, to convey through her work a sense of reverence for the natural world, for many years to come.



High Water Opens, September 1, 2020 MassoniArt Chestertown, Maryland