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The dominant theme is conveyed through linear interactions. Lines dance with each other, circling warily, joining in ecstasy, crossing in conflict and pushing against the confines of the canvas in a celebration of growth and discovery. They are the carriers of intense color, like the bold crayon strokes of a child. In dense networks the lines also act as nests or incubators of future growth in a kind of controlled chaos.



playing on the edge 2016


Navigating the spaces where water and land intersect has always offered a wealth of inspiration.


It’s a risky place.


You can fall in very easily.











There seems to be an inexorable pull in the forces of nature towards either order or chaos.  Perhaps it goes back and forth.  These paintings are an exploration of that idea, that we are drawn by forces outside ourselves towards some kind of resolution.  We can get caught up in the weeds or drawn by currents – our efforts at control often seem futile or illusory. When caught in a riptide the rule of thumb is to relax and float with it instead of fighting to escape. In this body of work I have tried to allow myself to float freely and fully experience the paint instead of trying to impose my will.

Caught in the Current




Suspension, the title of the show, signifies the state of being in-between and unmoored or floating.  In this show the work reflects that concept as the space between land, sky and water,  There is a lot of variety, but throughout you will see a refreshed sense of color and energy and an underlying theme of suspension.  The palette reflects more "growth" and in some of the latest ones, the effects of air and wind.  Textures also vary, going from translucent layering to energetic impasto.  Edges are often blurred, suggesting movement and the effects of light and air.